KMP Movement Patterns & Pregnancy Support Videos

Here you will find examples of KMP movement patterns observed in children 6 years old and under. We hope that this video project will give people the opportunity to visualize the patterns of the KMP as they unfold in development. This video project was the focus of Susan Loman’s recent sabbatical. Susan collaborated closely with and drew inspiration from KMP colleagues, Melanie Johnson and Kara Serasis. Susan and Kara provided voiceovers in the videos. Special thanks go to the many children, caregivers, Antioch New England dance/movement therapy and counseling students who appeared in the videos.The video project is still in its beginning stages. As the project continues to develop, our intention is to provide a large range of real life examples of the KMP movement patterns seen in children and adults as a supplemental learning tool.

Following these, see KMP-based approaches for working with pregnancy

Introduction to the KMP Movement Patterns by Susan Loman

Tension Flow Rhythms (rhythmic movements representing need satisfaction)

Tension Flow Attributes (temperament, personality)

Pre-Efforts (learning style and defense mechanisms)

Efforts (coping skills)

Bipolar Shape Flow (body image)

Unipolar Shape Flow (reaction to environmental stimuli)

Shaping in Directions (self-protection and also structures learning)

Shaping in Planes (social skills)

Pregnancy: Understanding and Attuning to Fetal Movements

Pregnancy: How To Notate Fetal Movement Patterns

Pregnancy: How to Support and Create Space for the Baby

Pregnancy: How To Support Mother's Labor and Delivery